World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018

World Football Championship 2018 - this is the long-awaited sporting holiday for which the Russians have been craving for 8 years! The World Cup will be held for the first time on the territory of Eastern Europe. So this event can be completely unique! The final part of the championship will pass through 11 cities in the Russian Federation, where the games will take place between 14 June and 15 July. So the sporting event will last for a month!

However, fans are already asking a number of questions. Who will come to the world? Which stadiums will be played? Well, local fans, of course, are interested in the main topic: what results will the Russian team show?

When and where will the World Football Championship be held?

This long-awaited event will take place in our country - in Russia. The tournament, as always, will be held in the summer. It is scheduled for June 14 - July 15, 2018. The venues are 12 stadiums located in 11 Russian cities. Naturally, the capital of the football mongol became Moscow. It is in the Luzhniki Arena, which is specially reconstructed for the championship, to play the opening match and the final match.

Our country had to withstand the serious competition in England, as well as the joint applications of Spain / Portugal and the Netherlands / Belgium. But the victory was ultimately for the Russian candidacy. This happened in the second round of the vote. Russia received 13 votes and the closest competitors - 7. 

List of Cities for the World Cup 2018

Total 11. Almost all of them are located in the European part of the country and only one - Ekaterinburg - is located in Asia. Here are their names:



St. Petersburg;



Nizhny Novgorod;



Rostov on don;




The initial list consisted of 13 cities. At different times, towns appeared in the list, such as Voronezh, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl and Podolsk. But eventually, on September 29, 2012, the final composition of the organizing cities was approved. 

World Football Championships 2018

The games will be staged in 12 arenas. Each stadium meets one or another city. The only exception is Moscow. In the Russian capital, the meetings are scheduled for two stadiums: "Luzhniki" and "Spartak".

"Luzhniki" The oldest stadium in the country welcomed the 1988 Olympics. The capacity of the facility after reconstruction should exceed 80,000 spectators.

"Krestovski" The starting arena of the "Zenith" pedestrian team. The complex is designed for 67,800 seats.

"Kazan Arena" The stadium is built for the summer Universiade. It can accommodate more than 45,000 people.

"Ekaterinburg Arena" Reconstructed arena designed for 35 thousand spectators.

"Spartak" A terrain of the club of the same name, opened in 2014. It can hold more than 45,000 fans.

"Samara" Arena One of the first stadiums set up just for the World Cup in 2018. Viewers can count on 45,000 seats.

"Mordovia Arena" A brand new sports complex, built in Moscow, can accommodate more than 45 thousand people.

"Fish" The terrain of its time was built specifically for the Sochi Olympics. After the reconstruction, the stadium can accommodate more than 44,000 fans.

"Rostov-Arena" The main sport facility Rostov-na-Don, with a capacity of 45,000 people.

"Kaliningrad Stadium" New stadium, founded in 2015. The terrain of the westernmost region in Russia is estimated for 35,000 fans of football.

"Nizhny Novgorod Stadium" Another ultramodern arena, designed for almost 45 000 spectators.

"Volgograd Arena" The new stadium, meeting all modern requirements. The complex is able to accommodate 45,000 fans.

Participants in the meetings

The tournament will be attended by 32 national teams, including our team. All teams will be divided into 8 groups. The Russian national team is pre-qualified for Group A.

In addition, volunteers at the World Cup can also be called participants in the upcoming actions. They are expected to be several thousand. Many volunteer assistants will arrive from other countries. The volunteer recruitment campaign started on 1 June 2016 in 15 specialized centers in 11 Russian cities. Only organizers want to attract more than 15,000 associates to hold the World Cup. And this without counting the volunteers. Only in Moscow the number of volunteers can exceed 10,000! To become a member of the volunteer movement, it is desirable to have the following qualities:

Be over 18 years of age

to know English;

to be able to work in collective conditions.

Where and how to watch the championship

In our country, for some reason, a big football tournament will be held. So fans will be an unforgivable mistake if they do not visit at least one match for the championship. Moreover, the World Cup football tickets already