What does Ludogorets play in Europe League?

It is clear that the Champions League is the European tournament that is a dream for all clubs because of the enormous revenues that can come from it with good performances. In the season 2017/2018, Ludogorets failed to find a third place in the big tournament groups, but has a chance to reach the group stage of the Europa League.

If he can overcome Lithuanian Sufuva, the team of Dimitar Dimitrov-Hero could potentially fail to earn a living in terms of national standards. The very reaching of the groups will bring 2.6 million euros in the club's cashier and guarantees at least 6 games in which the victory is valued at 360 thousand euros and the tie brings 120 thousand euros.

"The Home of Football" made a detailed breakdown of all bonuses in the second-ever European Club Tournament, see more in the video.