Variations of roulette

Variations of roulette

After the rapid spread of the game around the world, there are three types of games: American Roulette (Double zero roulette); European Single Roulette and Single Roulette.

American Roulette - In this variant of the game, besides the zero "0" there is a double zero "00". Advantage of the casino - 5.26%.

38 rooms: 0, 00, from 1 to 36 inclusive.

European Roulette - casino advantage of 2.7%.

37 rooms: 0, 1 to 36 inclusive.

French Roulette - a variation of European roulette that offers you insurance against falling on "0". The insurance is called "La Partage" and means that if you bet on a double bet (red / black, even / odd, small / large) and zero is half your stake is restored. This option reduces the casino's advantage to 1.35%.