Two of the Gerena judges' brigades will be punished

Two of the Gerena judges' brigades will be punished

Chief judge Nikola Popov and the first additional assistant judge Stefan Apostolov will be punished for the gross mistakes they made during the derby between Levski and Ludogorets (0: 0).

Yesterday's clash of Georgi Asparuhov brought a spectacle, albeit with not pure soccer proportions. The "Blues" had a number of claims to Popov's and his assistant's judgments, mostly demanding a direct red card against Nathanel Piment of the champions. The Brazilian strikes violently with the elbow in the face Antonio Vutov, and Popov penalizes his event only with a yellow card.

In front of Channel 3, the Chief of the Judge's Committee Petar Petrov confirmed that Popov and Apostolov will be punished for unsatisfactory judgments. Both will be removed from the ranks, but the SC will not announce the length of the sanction because Levsky has not actually filed a formal complaint.

Petrov also specified that the blue claims made to the BFP Disciplinary Commission, Nathanel's yellow card to be changed to red, is a precedent and no such practice exists anywhere in the world.