Super Qualification for Hamilton and pole position of "Monza"

Super Qualification for Hamilton and pole position of "Monza"

World Champion Lewis Hamilton won the Formula One Grand Prix in Italy. After more than two and a half hours of expectation due to bad weather and rain, Monza's qualifier still took place, although the third session again started to fall strong.

Initially, the pilots went to the runway at 15 o'clock Bulgarian time and the qualification began, but less than 5 minutes after the start Romen Grozjan crashed seriously.

Qualification was suspended, and the wet track was the final decision whether to hold or not, and was delayed in 15 minutes.

Eventually at 17.40 Bulgarian time, however, the qualification started and the pole position won Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes at the last minute with the fastest lap. He gave time 1: 35.554.

This is his 69th post in Formula One and so Hamilton surpassed the achievement of the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Red Bull's drivers ranked second and third in the qualification. Max Ferstaden recorded a lap for 1: 36.702 and a third time gave Daniel Ricardo with 1: 36.841.

Williams's 18-year-old Lance Strahl recorded the fourth time.

Next are Esteban Okon and Valter Botas, while Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel ranked seventh and eighth in the qualification.

The Formula One Grand Prix Racing is on Sunday at 15:00.