The strategy of 79th minute

The strategy of 79th minute

The strategy of the 79th minute is a relatively lesser strategy. It can easily make a good profit, as long as you act properly and think logically.

The interesting part about this strategy is that it is built around the simple fact that we rarely see soccer games marking two goals after the 79th minute.

How do we know which matches to use the strategy?

The best way to choose a match is by checking the history of both teams. Look at the number of goals scored and admitted. If the average number of goals is low, the bet is worth doing.

Example of use

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The strategy must be triggered somewhere between the 70's and 80's of the match.

For example, let's take the situation where the Oldenburg team has three goals so far. Given that the two teams are playing with relative disquiet and no red cards, this is a great choice for our strategy.

We place a bet for Under 4.5 goals. The suggested odds ratio is 1.20. It sounds like a very good bet. The key to this is that, after the 80th minute, the situation does not change dramatically.

The game ends without goals in the last minutes. Even with small odds, these bets have a very high percentage of security. However, the teams must always be checked, as some of them tend to step into the final phase of the game and then score a lot of their goals. Although interesting to use this strategy, you will need knowledge about both teams and a solid dose of luck to win.