A strategy of 1.5 goals

A strategy of 1.5 goals

With this strategy, bets do not take place before the start of gaming meetings, but in the special betting sections. The advantage of this type of betting is that odds above 1.5 goals are prone to rapid growth after the start of matches. Within 15 minutes after the start of the game, you can expect it to reach about 1.40-1.50, in the event that there are no hits at half time, the odds may exceed 2.00.

It is right at this point to start betting, but the earlier you make it, the less profits will be. After a goal is scored, you can also place a bet for over 1.5 goals and secure a win.

This strategy is only applicable to matches that have been strong candidates for over 2.5 goals. When you mark an early goal, you just forget about this meeting - the strategy can not be applied in this case.

Betting Strategy Over 0.5 / 1.5 Goals

This bet is an alternative to the Strategy of 1.5 goals, in which case you can place bets on more than a minimum number of goals, and before the match has begun. With this strategy, you do not even need to keep track of the game yourself - just bet and when you check the score. You do not need to determine a winning team or an end result, here is the idea of ​​knowing if only one goal will be scored.

To win with this strategy, only the match should not end 0: 0. Success!