Real Madrid vs Manchester United in Skopje

Real Madrid became the first team to win the Champions League Cup in two consecutive seasons. In fact, the white ballet won four awards, undoubtedly one of the most successful seasons in the history of the club. The prerequisites for this were many, but the main and most obvious of them were: the form of Cristiano Ronaldo; The peace and morals that Zinedine Zidane scored in the team; Ambitious and synchronized protection; Hidden problems in the kitchen of Barcelona.

For the first time in a while, Real Madrid sells more than it buys (at least until now). Since the beginning of the summer, the Royal Club has attracted seven new players for a total of 50m euros, while the players sold are eight, worth 120m euros. Notice the names of those who left - Pepe, Coentrao, Morata, Danilo, Hames Rodriguez. Metaphorically speaking, Real Madrid has done a good job in the past season. Manchester United finished in the sixth place in England, but Jose Mourinho went dry out of the situation, winning for the League Cup fans, and with the winning of the Europa League, the Red Devils received direct access to the Champions League teams. United strengthened his team with three impressive names: defender Benfica Lindelov, defensive midfielder Chelsea Matic and super-striker Rommel Lukako. It is expected that the names of Paul Pogba, Henrich Mikhittariyan and Marcus Rashford will appear.

Bookmakers consider Real Madrid to be the favorite, but let's take a look at the objective circumstances around the match. Cristiano Ronaldo received extended vacation after taking part in the Confederations Cup in Portugal and in her subsequent vacation enjoyed her second newborn child and the lawsuit that the tax authorities raised against him for tax evasion. It is quite logical to expect his influence on the upcoming final to be minimal, if not none.

Another interesting circumstance around the Spanish team is the new defense, judging by the latest controls, is not particularly adequate. Barcelona scored three of them, and Man City set four. The most interesting of all is that a few days after the match in Real Madrid Macedonia is another finish for Spain's super-club and against Barcelona in two games. It is logical to assume that Zidane will be more careful with his selection and will try to retain the strength of some of his key players.

Manchester United's pre-season can be described as close to the perfect one. All the players of the club distributed their participation in a total of seven controls (5-1-1). In them the team received 6 goals and scored goals 15. The only draw was against Real Madrid.

The English Grand Prix program is relatively light at the start of the season and suggests that Mourinho's team should pull out solidly in its overall performance. The Red Devils will come out with the best in their composition and will chase the victory, which will give them the necessary confidence and the respect of the future rivals. Real Madrid's motivation is not that big. At this point, they are still tuning the strings and are in a period of preparation. The only problem that may arise in the Manchester United game is the lack of the Bailout pillar and its still unadapted deputy Lindelov.

Forecast: Both teams to score @ 1.80 Victory Manchester United @ 4.00