Roulette is the most popular casino symbol. Luxury, passion and simple rules - that's why it is no wonder that roulette has been so popular since the game was in the world of games.

The word roulette comes from French (Roulette) and means a small wheel. Judging by this origin it is considered that it originated for the first time in the territory of France. One of the earliest versions of the game is spreading to Europe as a carnival fun and quickly gaining popularity. In the following years, the game was repeatedly transformed and transformed, and the modern version appeared in 1796. in Paris. At that time, casinos in the French capital are experiencing incredible development, and roulette play is one of the things that help.

In 1842, Francois Francois and Louis Blanc added "0" to the roulette wheel to increase the casino's advantage. After adding the figure to the French side, a legend is spreading, according to which this game becomes the "game of the devil".

According to her, the two twin brothers have made a deal with Satan to reveal the secrets of the game. This legend is based on the fact that by collecting all the numbers on the gaming wheel from 1 to 36, it is obtained by summing the number 666 - the number representing the devil.

Roulette - overview

In this section we will talk about the main types of roulette that is played in casinos around the world.

We will look at the main aspects of the game: