The roulette table

The roulette table

In this section we present some interesting features for the roulette gaming table. You will find explanations of the different types of fields on the gaming table, information about which fields the chances of success are, and the possibilities for greater profits in certain fields. Although they look pretty similar, in this informative article we will list the main differences in the roulette gaming area.

In the standard field of the European Roulette,

  • Inner section
  • Otside section

Domestic bets are characterized by a lower chance of success but, on the other hand, they have a higher payout. The external reverse - less pay / better chance for profit.

Differences in game fields

The fields in American and European roulette are very similar, although there are some differences:

  • In American Roulette there is an extra box for 00 (Double Zero)
  • In European Roulette, all numbers of the game table are white.

French roulette differs from the others by the location of the outer fields.