Reverse strategy

Reverse strategy

With this strategy, you have to choose a team that has a great chance of reversing the match, even if it does not show such chances, and suffers losses in the first half. It is important to review the stats of past seasons and choose a team that is capable of such dramatic twists.

Once you have identified such a team, you must stick to its support until the end of the season. It is essential to continue to the end.

Depending on the team type (Top 4, Midfield or Outsider), the reversal is between 19.00 and 30.00.

How does the strategy work?

This strategy is borrowed above all from patience and the ability to make several successive losses. Beginning with a small bet you will not suffer such big financial losses (starting bet - 1 leva)


At the start of the season, you choose the team of Hertha (Berlin) and you bet 1 euro as the starting amount. In the first stage. At each subsequent stage, the raise is increased by 1 leva, but only for losing bets. In the case of a possible win of the selected team it is necessary to return to the original bet - BGN 1. And repeat the stage again.

Possible costs:

Round 1 - 1.00 leva

Round 2 - 2.00 leva

Round 3 - 3.00 leva



Round 23 - 23.00 lv.

Taking into account the coefficient that on this day for 2/1 PP / CI was 20.00, the profit was 460 BGN.

The total amount of the bets is 1 + 2 + 3 ... + 22 + 23 = 276 BGN.

This means that the net profit is BGN 184.