Real Madrid has made another mistake since the start of the championship

Real Madrid has made another mistake since the start of the championship

Real Madrid has made another mistake since the start of the championship in Spain. The champion of the country allowed a small defeat with Betis in the 5th round of La Liga, 0: 1, which happened after a dramatic goal in the deep in the added time.

Although he could rely on both Cristiano Ronaldo and Garrett Bale in attacking the "white ballet", he paid the dear price for his leaps in the course of the entire game and Bettis won a sweet reward for his men's game. Great for the guests was the former third watchman of Real Antonio Adan, who had a few frenetic rescues helping the three points.

The first loss for the "white ballet" increased their lagging behind Barcelona leader to already 7 points, and this can not be welcomed in the madridist circles.

As early as the third minute, Santiago Bernabeu's stands shuddered as the guests from Betis were infected near the opening of the score. Casemiro lost the ball in his own half, and Victor Kamarassa went forward and gave a very uneasy turn to Antonio Sanabria. The attacker kicked and Danny Carvahal knocked the ball into the side bar. There was an addition from Camaras, which goalkeeper Keelor ​​Navas reflected.

The first good chance for Real came in the 9th minute when Sergio Ramos stayed ahead and headed a no-frills centering. The ball departed to Ronaldo, who tried to score with a heel, missing the goal just after a ricochet in a defender.

In the 13th minute, Bettis again had a chance, this time Viktor Kamarassa made a dangerous kick from a distance that flashed slightly above the beam. Seconds later, Modric took the attack from his own half and with a dribbling took a lot of terrain. All of the defender's opponents expected a pass to Ronaldo, and Modric decided to finish alone and shoot out on the outside of the net.

Real started to speed up the game and in the 21st minute Dani Karvahal made one of his markers to the right and then took the ball to Modric. The Croat welcomed her with a strong volition that went over the target.

It was only in the 27th minute that Ronaldo had his first bigger chance. Bale found the Portuguese about 17-18 meters from the door, and he did not bring the most dense contact with the ball and this made it easier for goalkeeper Antonio Adan to rescue. Seconds later, Bale centered a perfect ball for Casemiro, who jumped and jerked his head, shooting inches off.

By the end of the half-century, Adan had made a resolute rescue. Iskog took an elegant pass from Modric in the poll and immediately tried a reed shit low on the grass that Bettis's guard could show. Just before the break, Betis had to make a forced shift, with the very strong Kamaras injured in his place, the experienced Andres Guardado.

Shortly after the start of the second half, Real hit the opponent's counterattack. In the 52nd minute, Bale delivered a perfect ball to Ronaldo, who caught up with her and tried a rifle with an outer rebate that proved to be infinitely inaccurate.

The 56th Betis also created a good opportunity, with Francis Guerrero the man who pushed the trigger. Unfortunately, on the wing the ball passed over the target.

By mid-second, Ronaldo was unhappy with the referee, as he was expecting a penalty after Antonio Baragan's co-ordination. Such a judgment would have been exaggerated in this case and the referee then took the correct decision to continue the game.

In the 68th minute, Tony Kroos made a powerful shot from a distance that surprised many on the pitch but not the former Real Adan. The goalkeeper touched the ball only to pull it out of the outline of the corner at the corner.

A quarter hour before the end and Real hit the beam. Gareth Bale had a famed transfer, and Adan somehow managed to help, killing the ball in the crossbar. Betty's goalkeeper then tossed lion and parried the supplement of the Borha Mayoral reserve.

At the last minute of the regular time, Betis's defeat was canceled. Sanabria completed a counterattack in a four-by-three situation by guiding the ball to the net, but the referees did not correctly admit naked ambush.

Nothing, however, could save Real in the 4th minute of the added time. Sanabria got out of his guard, making the best use of Baragan's best bet. The attacker headed Kayor Navas and silenced the home fans.

So Betis has won two consecutive wins in the league, and with 9 points he is 6th in the standings. Real has only 8 after his first loss for the campaign and takes 7th place