Putin respected the World Judo Championship

Putin respected the World Judo Championship

The World Judo Championship was opened yesterday in Budapest, and a number of popular figures arrived at the beginning of the forum in Hungary. A big furor triggered the appearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Especially for Budapest's planetary forum in Budapest, Mongolia President Halmaagiyan Batulga and President World Judo Federation Marius Wieser arrived. They were welcomed by Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban. On the Bulgarian side the star event was honored by the chairman of the Bulgarian Judo Federation Ivan Mihalev.

The championship was opened with the brilliant performance of the world-famous anthem of Italian singer Al-Bano.

Bulgaria will be represented by four athletes at the Planetary Forum. Yesterday our first participant Yanislav Gerchev (60 kg) started with a magnificent victory with "ipon", but in the second round was eliminated from the future silver medalist Octan Safarov (Azerbaijan).

In the following days, the other three Bulgarian competitors - Ivelina Ilieva (57 kg), Ivaylo Ivanov (81 kg) and Daniel Ditchev (100 kg), went out in the following days.