Penalty for Stephan Vandorin before Grand Prix of Italy

Penalty for Stephan Vandorin before Grand Prix of Italy

Belgian Stephan Vandorin from McLaren's team was penalized with 25 seats in the starting grid of today's Formula One Grand Prix.

The reason for this was an unregulated change of engine and turbocharger in Vandoron's car. He became the seventh pilot with a punishment during the races on the Monza track.

The Belgian finished tenth in yesterday's qualification and had to roll out eighth for similar sanctions to second and third finishers in Red Bull Max Fertappen and Daniel Ricardo.

For the final punishment, Vandor will go from 18th.

Italian Grand Prix Grid:

1. Lewis Hamilton (UK), "Mercedes"

2. Lance Straw (Canada), Williams

3. Esteban Ocon (France), Force India

4. Valter Botas (Finland), "Mercedes"

5. Kimi Raikionen (Finland), "Ferrari"

6. Sebastian Vettel (Germany), "Ferrari"

7. Felipe Massa (Brazil), Williams

8. Sergio Perez (Mexico), Force India

9. Daniel Kwiat (Russia), "Toro Rosso"

10. Kevin Magnusen (Denmark), "Haas"

11. Marcus Eriksson (Sweden), "Sauber"

12. Pascal Verlain (Germany), "Sauber"

13. Max Verstaten (The Netherlands), Red Bull

14. Nico Hulkenberg (Germany), "Renault"

15. Carlos Sains Jr. (Spain), Toro Rosso

16. Daniel Ricardo (Australia), Red Bull

17. Jolieen Palmer (UK), "Renault"

18. Vandorne Stall (Belgium), McLaren

19. Fernando Alonso (Spain), McLaren

20. Romen Grogan (France), "Haas"