Mayweather defeated MacGregor

Mayweather defeated MacGregor

Floyd Mayweather defeated MMA star Conar McGregor in a spectacular 10-round boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The meeting started shortly after 7:00 am and the rules required the following: a 12-round match, each of 3 minutes, if the winner was not knocked out, technical knockout or disqualification of the opponent, the three judges will determine the winner. This is how the rules for the match are in the middle category - 69.9 kg.

The victory of the American came in the 10th round with a technical knockout in their 50th game and 50th victory. With it he beat the record of Rocky Marciano, who has 49 victories of professional boxing and it also without defeat. Marciano retired from sport in 1956.

Individual rounds

In the first round, the two were rather studying as the taller Irishman had the opportunity to threaten Mayweather on several occasions, but the American, with a very swift movement, avoided a heavy blow.

In the second round, McGregor was more active and struck a few blows to the American boxer, who took them with ease, but see what happens in the next round.

The Irishman was also more active in the third round, and at one point in the battle he struck a stroke that was allowed in mixed martial arts but not in boxing, yet they both struck blows to find the target.

At the start of the 4th round, McGregor moved his opponent to the ropes and hit a series of strikes, but the experienced American managed to shove the battle to the center of the ring. At the end of the round, the Irishman hit Mayweather strongly, and this blow made the American an instant.

In the fifth round, the class of the American spoke the word, even though the part began to get quite unclean with clinches, Floyd's head bumps, and hit Connor's back. There was a turn in the sixth, where Mayweather was more active and could be said to have won a round as he hit more against his opponent while Connor was more defensive than his opponent.

Subsequently, the American made several hits to take a slight advantage, but nothing to upset the Irishman.

Left and right crooks in the head of the Irishman confirmed the dominance of Mayweather.

In the seventh round Connor started with a few croquettes, but Floyd was stopped, but the MMA fighter was more aggressive in the first minute, but then he fumbled.

Mayweather puts clean left and right straight, but MacGregor reads up in the body. Two heavy right-handers made Connor step back, and the next right-hand crocheter of a subsequent series shook him visibly, and he continued to be mostly with a down guard.

After all, the American once again added a round on his account after the clean hits.

In the eighth round Mayweather was looking for success and went ahead to search for McGregor, but he was able to defend himself with some powerful blows from the American.

Again, the more active boxer at the start of the ninth round was McGregor, but then he received three right crochets, and in the next combination of the American he already seemed to find it hard to hold back the 12 rounds.

In the last minute Connor's hands were low and Floyd made a few clean hits without any effort.

In the tenth came the victory for Mayweather.

For Floyd, it was the 50th professional match in the ring, while McGregor was a debutant in the boxing.

The American boxer came out in the ring in an interesting way - with a mask.

Mayweather continues to have no defeat in his professional career, and according to experts and bookmakers he was a favorite to win this match as well. The star event was attended by a group of celebrities of all spheres, and the atmosphere was more than wonderful for such an event.

The scale before the battle showed that the Irishman was heavier than the American boxing legend. He reported 69,360 kg at McGregor and 67,800 kg at Mayweather.

Both boxers have enough support from fans. Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic compares with McGregor after defining MMA fighter for Ibrahimovic in mixed martial arts, and McGregor himself in football.

Several hours before the meeting could still be bought tickets about 1000 in the price at the price of 2500 to 10000 dollars.

Celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne, former footballer and current actor Vinnie Jones, actress Charlie Theron, Iron Mike Tyson, basketball star LeBron James, and others.