The Martingale Strategy - doubling the stake

The Martingale Strategy - doubling the stake

The Martingale Strategy - the most famous financial strategy originally developed for casino use. With this strategy, you can stay on profitable territory, even if you often lose. However, this strategy is at high risk, and a bad joke can be a bad joke to you when you think badly.

This strategy ranks among the most used by players because it provides opportunities for big profits, but on the other hand, losses can be quite substantial. It is best to use the system for short - term betting precisely because of the high risk it carries.

The correct tactic for the implementation of the Martingale strategy is to put more insignificant amounts, which will allow you to make several mistaken predictions.

How to play with this strategy?

We bet one token (for example, we bet the red), but it is black.

At the next bet, we double the bet (2 coins) and rely on the red color, but it is black again. Despite these losses, we should not despair and double the stake (4 coins - red), it is black again - we put 8 coins in red. In this way, if the red goes down with this bet, your casino pays a win of 8 tokens.

Bets: 1 + 2 + 4 = 7 coins

Profit: 8 coins

The example is that when you bet on odds 2, you will sooner or later win, with a net win equal to the amount of the original bet or close to it.

It is essential not to underestimate this strategy because fairly long series may have quite adverse consequences.

The profit of one token is not much, but this strategy can be used as many times as you want. Nevertheless, you should not overlook the fact that the casino always has an advantage that may occur unforeseen in time. It is recommended that you set your bet limit (regardless of earnings and losses) and adhere to it.

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