Manchester City - Liverpool

Manchester City - Liverpool

Will the expectations for many goals in the match be justified? Our typist Deyan Linkovski does not think so.

After a two-week break for national teams, the fourth round of the Premier League is opened with the Manchester City derby - Liverpool. The match starts at 14:30 on Saturday afternoon and will be broadcast on Diema Extra's air. The two teams are the momentous pursuers of the Manchester United driver after they scored two wins and one draw.

Liverpool's last two games were played at Merseyside. In them they won six points without admitting a goal. Arsenal was defeated, but Reds as a guest is still to be analyzed, considering Watford's 3: 3 in the first round.

Manchester City made a reversal against Bournemouth in the last round, and a week earlier equalized Everton with a lesser person. Overall, Guardiola's team is still the favorites of the title bookmakers and there is a reason why. After the three games played and the constant rounds in the composition of the squad, the Spanish manager had enough time to think about how to order the starting eleven to win a win over Liverpool.

The statistical analysis I prepared outlined an estimate of how the upcoming meeting will look like in figures. You can rest assured that the hosts will be able to control the initiative throughout the game while the guests will rely on counterattacks. The strikes on the two doors will not be missed, but few of them will be accurate. Expect good work from the defensive midfielders of both teams and a lot of static positions.

Why not expect many goals in the upcoming match? First of all, in three of the last four games between City and Liverpool no more than 2 goals were scored. Also, in two of the last three fights between them, only one team scored goals. Second, Liverpool kept his door dry in 6 of the last 7 league games, which means that traditionally successful "citizens" will hardly score more than two goals.

Rahim Stirling is punished for the match because of a red card and Captain Compani is questionable about the match. Lalana and Klein are long-term injured, and Felipe Coettinho will not be in the group again after worsening dealings with the club and his nervous breakdown after the unfinished transfer to Barcelona.

For both teams, Champions League matches are coming next week, but Liverpool will be far heavier and more meaningful as they will face the direct rival for the first place in the group, Sevilla. Inevitably part of the players' thoughts will be directed to this match, and why not this also reflects the ranking of the Clop's starting eleven.

Despite the great attackers in both teams, the match will be primarily tactical (at least in its first 30 minutes). Let's also remember that Liverpool will not be on his mythical Anfield and the attitude of the players is unlikely to be the same - attack and only attack.

FORECAST: Victory Manchester City and Under 3.5 goals @ 3.15