Manchester City and Pierre-Emerich Obameyang

Manchester City and Pierre-Emerich Obameyang

Manchester City's team is showing a keen interest in Borussia striker Dortmund Pierre-Emerich Obamayang, writes Sky Deutschland. According to information, Manchesterers are keen to reinforce the player in question before the end of the transfer window, which closes on August 31st.

The "citizen" manager, Josep Guardiola, was sympathetic to the striker who was born in 1989, and Etihad was willing to pay 70 million euros.

In view of the recent sale of Uman Dembele to Barcelona and the EUR 140 million received on the deal, it is unclear whether the German Grand Prix will be reluctant to a new outgoing transfer.

The name of Obamayang is still linked with PSG, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Obamayang joined Borussia Dortmund in 2013. During the past Bundelfag campaign he took part in 32 games, scoring 31 goals.