Low odds

Low odds

There are many criteria for professional betting and one of the most important criteria is to choose the best available odds. Is that really as important as they say? Continue reading to find out.

We all live in a country where there is only one local bookmaker with physical points. We all know that the local bookmaker offers very low odds. Let's make a comparison of several random matches from the round in the English Championship. Keep in mind that this is no exception - for the rest of the matches the situation is the same. Below we use the official odds of two bookmakers. One is our local bookmaker, the other is a bookmaker on the internet.

Local bookmaker's offer:

Aston Villa - Chelsea 5.00 3.30 1.40

Liverpool - Tottenham 2.20 2.85 2.50

Man Utd - Everton 1.85 2.90 3.15

Online Bookmaker Offer:

Aston Villa - Chelsea 6.00 4.00 1.50

Liverpool - Tottenham 2.50 3.25 2.80

Man Utd - Everton 2.10 3.30 3.40

You see how huge the difference between the odds of the offline bookmaker and his online colleagues is. And we have not even chosen an online bookmaker with the highest odds. Even if odds in the online bookmaker are not good enough compared to competition, it's easy to see that betting on a local bookmaker is absolutely meaningless and full of insanity. Do not waste your time and money in the physical bookmaker.

It is clear that betting on an offline bookmaker is totally unreasonable and makes no sense of it. But there is a difference in odds between different online bookmakers, which in the long run may be equivalent to a fairly large amount of money. Let's give another example between two online bookmakers.

Player A - Player A always stakes on NBA matches and uses a bookmaker that offers odds 1.91 for Under / Over bets. He has a $ 1000 Starter Balance and pays 50 leva per game. Finally, he has recorded 52 known games and 48 strangers. Given the coefficient, we can calculate its final balance:

  • Starter bank: 1000 BGN
  • Total staked amount: 5000 BGN
  • Earned: 4966 BGN
  • Profit: -34 BGN
  • Final Bank amount: 966 BGN
  • Situation: -% 3.7

Player B - Well, this player is slightly smarter and chooses a bookmaker that offers a 1,934 odds ratio for the same bets. He has the same starting conditions - a starting balance of $ 1,000 and at the end of the season there are 52 well-known matches and 48 strangers. Given the coefficient, we again do the same calculation:

  • Starter bank: 1000 BGN
  • Total staked amount: 5000 BGN
  • Earned: 5028 leva
  • Profit: BGN 28
  • Total Bank Size: 1028 BGN
  • Situation: +% 2.8

You see that the second player has made a profit while the first player has lost 3.7 percent of his balance. There is a big difference between the two players. 6.5 percent difference between the two accounts that have the same success rate on the forecasts! This is really a lot for just 100 bets.

Think about betting 5-6 such games per day how much money you will lose in the long run just because you've chosen a bookmaker with lower odds than the market.

We recommend that you have multiple accounts in different bookmakers. Sometimes bookmakers offer very different odds. If you only play in one bookmaker, even if he is one of the best, it will happen to you very rarely to give a very low odds for your forecast, at the expense of the bet. In another, the situation will be radically opposite - for your forecast the odds will be good and the return bet will be low. If you only play in a bookmaker, it will be very difficult for you to make a profit.