Liverpool - Arsenal

Liverpool - Arsenal

A tough match to predict for several reasons - 1) both teams' defense fail to work properly; 2) missing the leaders Kouttinho (for Liverpool) and Sanchez (for Arsenal); 3) Liverpool has played qualifying matches for ShLs and their freshness is questionable; 4) Visits are a problem for Arsenal at the start of the season.

04.03.2017 Liverpool FC 3-1 Arsenal
14.08.2016 Arsenal 3-4 Liverpool FC
13.01.2016 Liverpool FC 3-3 Arsenal
24.08.2015 Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool FC
04.04.2015 Arsenal 4-1 Liverpool FC
21.12.2014 Liverpool FC 2-2 Arsenal

Three of the last six matches between Liverpool and Arsenal ended equally. On Sunday, I expect a match in which the team lagging behind will take the lead and will level and this will happen more than once. In the end, bet on the equality that can come in the sequel to the match.

Prediction: Draw @ 3.70

Our tip of Dejan Linkovski sees all the prerequisites for half of the games in the third round of the Premier League to end in a draw. The Tottenham, United and City victories seem certain.