Lewis Hamilton won

Lewis Hamilton won

Lewis Hamilton won the 13th round of the Formula One world championship at the Monza circuit for the Grand Prix of Italy. At the fastest run in the race calendar, Hamilton set off well and maintained the first position after the 53-track laps. Thus, the Brit took a second consecutive victory in the championship after that of the Spa and is now the leader in the overall standings, ahead of Sebastian Vettel, who finished third here. 1: 15: 32.312 is his time today, Botas's lagging is 4.471, and Vettel, who led the overall standings from the first season in Australia in March, finished 36.3 seconds from today's winner.

Max Fertapano with Red Bull touched Felipe Massa's car, burst rubber and had to go into the boxing in the third round of the race and 53 laps ahead.

The next few tours followed the best lap times for Botas, Hamilton and Fertapena.

In the 10th lap leader Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes gave a new best time - 1:25. 258 minutes. In the following tours, the Brit could twice again give the best time and with ease kept the distance with the second Botas who managed to take second place. Vettel and Ricardo were third and fourth in the 23rd lap, while the final was still 30.

In the 41st lap without any problems Daniel Ricardo managed to overtake Kimi Raikkonen and chased Sebastian Vettel's third place, leaving 12 laps to the end of the race.

Confidently the first two seats were held by Mercedes-Benz Lewis Hamilton and Valter Botas.

Shortly before the end of the race, Daniel Ricardo with Red Bull gave 1: 23.361 minutes and made the fastest lap. By the end of the race, Briton Hamilton retained the first position, second was his team mate Walter Botas, third was Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari. Despite his efforts to catch up with Vettel, Daniel Ricardo remained 4th. Raikkonen, Okon, Strahl, Massa, Perez and Ferstaden formed the top ten.

It was Hamilton's 6th success this season, with which he is already the leader with 238 points, with three lesser than the German and the third with Botas with 197.

The pre-designer Mercedes is 392 points, Ferrari is 348, and third is Red Bull with 199. The next race is for the Singapore Grand Prix in two weeks.