Levski scored 2: 0 with his September household

Levski scored 2: 0 with his September household

Levski managed to quickly forget the defeat by Botev and to return to the winning road after he needed 2-0 at home in September at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium in the match of the ninth round of the First League. The Blues did not start the game convincingly but still led David Yablonski with 44 minutes. The second goal for Levski was made by Gabriel Oberthan in the 89th minute. The Frenchman scored his first goal with the blue team.

Levski managed to create the first danger in the match in the 23rd minute when Antonio Vutov and Gabriel Obertan made a double shot, after which the Frenchman knocked the ball to David Yablonski who shot but from the foot of Stoyan Predev she came to the corner.

Three minutes later, Yanko Sandanski made a very crude mistake after giving the ball to Gabriel Oberthan, who entered the penalty area of ​​September, then handed over to Milos Cvetkovic, who fired but crossed the crossbar in the off. Gabriel Obertn hit a dangerous shot in the 27th minute, but the ball ricocheted in September and went into the corner.

Levski organized a good attack in the 35th minute when Milos Cvetkovic centered in the penalty area of ​​September, where Sergei Bush headed but centimeters above the crossbar.

Sergei Bush handed Gabriel Oberthan very well in the 39th minute, after which the Frenchman stayed alone against Yanko Georgiev and shot but the goalkeeper showed a great reflex and saved.

A minute later Boris Galchev centers from a foul in the penalty area of ​​Levski, where he gets mixed up in the penalty area of ​​the hosts. Trayan Trayanov played with a hand in the uniform for the high ball, but the game continued and the ball fell into Martin Toshev. He shoots and the ball from David Yablonski's right hand went into the corner. September's footballers claimed a penalty, but the judge Angel Angelov did not play one.

Levski took the lead in the 44th minute when Jordi Gomes's corner kicked off in the penalty area of ​​Septemvri, where David Yablonski scored the ball and sent it under the crossbar to Yanko Georgiev's door.

The Levski players made an incredible pass in the 49th minute when Milos Cvetkovic handed over to Gabriel Oberthan, who centered in the penalty area of ​​September, where Yanko Georgiev was late and Roman Prohazka missed the goal.

Five minutes later, Gabriel Oberthan released an excellent exit pass to Sergei Bush, who leapt himself against Yanko Georgiev and shot, but the goalkeeper managed to save and knock on the corner. In the 60th minute, Levski's players fired a short foul, Jordi Gomes fired at about 28 meters, but the ball went inches off the left pillar.

Georgi Stoichkov fired a long shot in the 68th minute but Bojidar Mitrev made a routine rescue.

Sergey Bush fired a shot from distance after 79 minutes, but Янко Георгиев was able to back and forth in the wrong direction.

September had the opportunity to surprise Levski in 81 minutes when Boris Galchev put a very good pass to Ishmael Baydu, who entered the penalty area of ​​Levski, but shot poorly and Bozhidar Mitrev saved.

Antonio Vutov came out alone against Yanko Georgiev in 89 minutes, but he tried to pass it and the goalkeeper saved.

Levski managed to score a second goal in the 89th minute when Gabriel Obertan made a very strong raid, entered the penalty area of ​​September, then shot Yanko Georgiev. It was the first match of the Frenchman with the team of Levski.

In the final seconds of the match Anthony Belmont appeared in the game in the place of Gabriel Obertant and made his debut for Levski.

After this victory Levski is third in the ranking with 17 points, while September is 7 points.