How to play roulette?

How to play roulette?

In the Roulette game, the goal is to predict the direction of the ball when you spin the ball. Each player plays against the casino represented by the croupier. Roulette gamblers rely on a given number or a certain combination of numbers, as well as assumptions about the type or color of these numbers.

The roulette sections vary between 37 or 38, depending on the type of roulette. In the European version, the roulette has the numbers from 1 to 36 - alternating periodically in black and red, as well as the sector (0), which is colored green. In American Roulette is added another sector - the sector of the two zeros 00. The presence of the second zero (0) actually allows the casino to win against the players, and increases its chances of winning. In this variant the player stakes in red / black or even / odd, but if the 0-casino wins, he wins.

There are about 3 staff members on the gaming table: inspector, dealer and chip collector.

  • Inspector - standing at the beginning of the gaming table, next to the roulette. Its role is to monitor the rules of the game, and, if necessary, to assist the croupier in betting.
  • Krupye / Dealer - roubles the roulette and leads the game, as well as a chip collector who is located next to the dealer and takes care of storing the collected chips.

Chips in a roulette game

Traditionally, American roulette is played with color chips, with every player at the table being distinguished from other chips, which greatly facilitates the process of betting and winning. Such chips are usually purchased by a vendor at a specific crap, and other games are not applied. Once the game is over, the chips are exchanged either for money or for traditional chips.

Unlike American casinos in European, the standard chips that players receive at the cashier before betting are used.

Special rules

Rule "En Prison"

When playing Roulette in European casinos, a special rule that applies to the so-called "Equal Chance" (RED / BLACK, SINGLE / SKILL, BIG / SMALL) may apply. If it drops to zero, the bet is not lost, but stays in jail, with some casinos also applying the opportunity for the player to take half the bet for the next bet. . If the next spin rolls back to zero, the bet is lost.

Gaming tables to which this rule applies have the lowest casino advantage - only 1.35%!

Rule "La Partage"

This rule resembles the "En Prison" rule, but the player does not have the right to keep his half stake at a loss. This Rule applies to French Roulette. As with the "En Prison", the casino's advantage - 1.35% is significantly reduced here!

Rule "Surrender"

Same as "La Partage". Applied in some casinos is the United States. Decreases the casino's advantage from 5.26% to 2.63% on an equal chance bet.

Advantage of the casino

The advantage of the European Roulette casino is 2.7%, while in the US 5.26% for all bets, except for the five-digit bet (0-00-1-2-3) where the advantage is considerably higher - 7, 9%.

Each of the En Prison and La Partage or Surrender rules reduces the casino's bets on odds equal to 1.35% in the European and 2.63% in the American version of the game.

Goal of the game

The croupier throws a ball into the spinning wheel in a direction opposite to the spin.

Players have the ability to:

  • Assume the number of the ball will hit.
  • To bet on multiple numbers, a combination.
  • Assume characteristics for the next place (Black / Red, Even / Odd, Big / Small).
  • The amount of the payments depends on the way the bets are made.

Players can make multiple bets at once, combine different types of bets, there is only a limit to the maximum amount possible on a particular playing table.

Stake sizes

The maximum / minimum bet size that a player can make is determined by the rules of the particular casino, and may vary for different tables.

The game

The croupier turns the wheel and throws the ball in the opposite direction. Players are allowed to place bets until the dealer has declared "Bets Made", usually for the last three spins.

Once the ball has reached a certain number, the croupier announces it and puts a special marker on the playing field indicating that number. The croupier then collects the losing bets and pays the winnings.