Holland defeats Bulgaria at volleyball

Holland defeats Bulgaria at volleyball

The Bulgarian national women's volleyball team first defeated the world qualifications in Rotterdam. In his last match, which was irrelevant, the team-mate, Ivan Seferinov, retreated 0: 3 (21:25, 17:25, 23:25) against the host of the Netherlands for 80 minutes.

The Bulgarians finished second in the final standings with a 12-point asset, securing their place among the finalists of the World Cup 2018.

Nearly two thousand spectators were in the top two in the first two divisions with 25:21 and 25:17 respectively.

Bulgaria only played in the third part, but after a more concentrated game at the very end the "orange" congratulated the final success after a difficult 25:23.

Elitsa Vassileva scored 13 points and her team-mate Dobriana Rabadzhieva added 9 more points.

For the hosts, Robin de Cruyff scored 13 points.

Holland won the tournament with a full asset of 15 points and no lost game.

Our team will be recruited on August 28 (Monday) at 13:55 with a flight from Amsterdam.