Hamilton holds Vettel and triumphs at "Spa"

Hamilton holds Vettel and triumphs at "Spa"

Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix of Belgium. Hamilton made his 200th race with his 58th career success.

The Briton also reduced the lead in Vettel's overall standings by 7 points.

Sebastian Vettel finishes 2nd at Spa, and third is Daniel Rickardo.

Hamilton led the column from the very beginning of the race and did not miss his lead until the end. The critical moment for the world champion was after the security car entered the second half of the race. Force India's pilots collided, and this triggered the entry of the security car. After her departure from the track, Vettel, who had overtaken Hamilton's lead, attacked him, but the Brit did not allow him to overtake.

Sebastian Vettel remains the leader in the overall standings with 220 points. Hamilton is now 213 points, and third is Belgium's fifth-highest Walter Botas with 179 points.

The development of the race

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel retained first and second positions. The third and fourth run are Walter Botas and Kimi Raikkonen.

Sebastian Vettel recorded the fastest lap in the 4th tour of the race. Vettel gave time 1: 50: 613.

Malxance for Max Ferstaden! For him the race ends in the 8th lap due to technical problems.

The first entry into the boxing for Lewis Hamilton is in the 13th lap, Vettel temporarily headed. In the 15th lap and Walter Botas came into the boxing.

Lewis Hamilton dictated the pace at the forehead of the column before Vettel and Botas. Daniel Rickardo moves fourth to 19th. Sebastian Vettel lowered Hamilton's advance slightly to 1.3 seconds in the Belgian Grand Prix 25th round.

Kimi Raikkonen is sixth after Nico Nulkenberg. Both Force India teammates, Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon, collided with the two cars suffered and had to go through the boxing.

The result was a security car that allowed Sebastian Vettel to break down Hamlet's lead. Immediately after the retreat of the security car, Vettel attacked and attempted to lead, but Lewis Hamilton did not allow a lead, and the 34th lap of the race remained at the top.

Five laps before the end of the race, Lewis Hamilton continues to lead Sebastian Vettel.

End of the race: Champion Lewis Hamilton!