A half-time came to Real to crush Barca again

A half-time came to Real to crush Barca again

Real Madrid added another distinction to his showcase. A week after the triumph of Manchester United for the Super Cup of Europe, the Royal Club also picked up the Super Cup of Spain. In the rematch this evening the "white" defeated Barcelona 2-0 and deserved the trophy with a total score of 5: 1. The goals were done by Marco Asencio and Karim Benzema before the break. After that, the Catalonians played better, but twice the beams prevented them from reaching at least the honorable shot of Santiago Bernabeu.

The super-buy is a total of 10 for Real and first for 2012. Barca, however, has a record 12 super-buyers.

Royal coach Zinedine Zidane's senior coach Marco Asencio in the penalty spot Cristiano Ronaldo. Lucas Vasquez got a chance instead of Gareth Bale. The trio topped Benemma and Luca Modric, who was partnering with Matteo Kovacic and Tony Kroos, returned to the midfield. Among the reserves remained two of the best players of the team in the Camp Nou fights - Isko and Kazimiro.

Ernesto Valverde chose the 3-5-2 schedule with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez ahead. Andre Gomes was in the middle of the pitch at Andres Iniesta, and Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba were sealing both flanks. The three of them were Gérard Pique, Samuel Umutiti and Javier Mascherano, while Alice Vidal and Gerard Deullofe sat down on the bench after a disappointing performance three days ago.

The duel starts with a blow to Modric, blocked by Umtiti. However, the first goal was not delayed. In the 4th minute Asensio received the ball about 30 meters from the door and did not hesitate to shoot immediately. The ball described an interesting parabola, Mark-Andre Ter Stegen only looked at her flight to the door. In the 7th minute Bernabeu's audience waved white handkerchiefs and began to shout as a sign of disagreement with Cristiano Ronaldo's 5-time penalty.

Barca needed some time to recover, and when he did, a shot of Luis Suarez crossed the crossbar. In the 16th minute Messi was uncovered close to Real's goal but decided to end the attack instead of looking for Suarez and wrong. Keelor ​​Navas flashed at the foot of the Argentine to prevent the danger.

The momentum of the Catalonians did not last long, and in the middle of the half-way, Real again took control of the events. Marcelo probed at speed and centered, but there was no one to detect his submission. In the 25th minute, Benzema found a nice Pass Asensio, but this time the young man is shooting incorrectly. A little later than an identical position, Lucas Vasquez also fired out.

In the 33rd minute Vasquez shot a big shot in the bar but in the 39th Real he deservedly doubled his lead. Again Marcello advanced undisturbed and returned to the penalty area to Benzema, who passed behind Yumtiti's back and calmly shot Ter Sergen. At the very end of the half-time a new shot of Benzema was out.

At the beginning of the second part, Valverde pulled out Picke, who suffered a bruise, and Nelson Semedo's new addition appeared instead. Messi reminded himself of a break in the 53rd minute, but the luck was not with the Argentine star and his shot fell into the crossbar. Real replied with a jerk of Benzema, saved by Ter Stegen.

Real players played cool and very moody, and the result allowed them to enjoy the audience with technical performances. Barca was trying to return a goal and look for a possible turn. In the 64th minute, Sierra Roberto had little to find Alba centering. There followed Suarez's pass, and in the 70th minute the Uruguayman struck the beam with a head after Kaylor Navas had saved a blow to Messi.

In the final part of the game in the game for Real came the new entries Theo Hernandez and Daniel Sebayos, and Barcelona did not manage to overcome Navas, despite its superiority in the second half.


1: 0 M. Asensio (4) 2: 0 K. Benzema (39)

Real Madrid: K. Navas; Karvahal, Varan, S. Ramos, Marcello; Modric, Kovacic (62 - Kazemiro), Kroos (80 - D. Sebayos); Vasquez, Benzema, Assencio (75 - T. Hernandez) Barcelona: Terr Stegen; Mascherano, Pique (50 - Semido), Yumtiti; S. Roberto, Rakitic, Buscats, A. Gomes (73 - Deulofu), Alba (78 - Din); Messi, L. Suarez

* Real Madrid won the Super Cup of Spain with a total score of 5: 1