Glushkov negotiating with Barcelona and Zalgiris

Glushkov negotiating with Barcelona and Zalgiris

The president of the native basketball federation, Georgi Glushkov, will try to make Alexander Vezenkov and Dey Bost to play for our national team in the autumn. For this purpose, he will launch a series of negotiations with their clubs, Barcelona and Zalgiris. As is well known, both, together with Yordan Minchev, who is still not clear whether he will be part of Fenerbahce in the new season, play in the Euroleague. The tournament program was designed to prevent clubs from putting their players in the representative teams as they will have matches at the same time. As a result, each team will independently decide whether to allow a basketball player to be absent for two weeks in November and February. This is where Glushkov plays.

"We have no administrative measures. The only thing we can do is start talking with the teams, and from now on, to be aware of the situation. That's what I'm going to do. I will try with people close to me to convince Barcelona and Zalgiris to specifically allow Vezenkov and Bost to play in autumn. Still, it's about two games. I hope there will be no hidden directive from the Euroleague because it is possible. I believe we will succeed, "Gluşkov commented to Theme Sport.

The head of the federation added that he was not thinking of another American in the place of Bost, but he admitted that this is an opportunity for Lubo Minchev. And he said he was pleasantly surprised by the four victories.

"Honestly, I did not expect to be so convincing. Not as a game but as a result. I thought the game was going to be because we showed it last year. I hope we have some luck in the draw so we can dream about the third phase "