Watford - Brighton

Watford - Brighton

Watford will be the Premier League Tota League this season. I strongly recommend avoiding their matches, and if you have a gun in your head, bet it safe. That is exactly what my proposal for their match with Brighton is.

The guests are a newbie in the league, and they are obviously going to fall. Brighton does not have the class to collect even 30 points and if a miracle does not happen, they will have a new manager at Christmas and at the bottom in May next year.

This does not mean, however, that they will end the season with zero points. It is against casual teams like Watford that they will have the chance to get something out of their fans' self-confidence. Two things are not at all sure about this match - 1) that Watford will win and 2) that Watford will maintain a clean net. By combining these two statements, the most logical bet emerges on the surface.

Prediction: Watford to win at zero NO @ 1.35