Bournemouth - Manchester City

Bournemouth - Manchester City

Bournemouth did not start the season well. They kept the ball almost the whole time of the match with West Bromwich but lost 0-1 as a guest. The second round seemed comfortable to turn this possession into goals after they had Watford with them. Instead they lost 0-2 as a host. Manchester City, on the other hand, has begun to win a brilliant victory over the newcomer Brighton, and on Monday he managed to equalize with Everton, though playing with a man less. I'm impressed by City's character, but it's obvious that Guardiola has not yet ordered his composition. Over the past two years, both teams have played 4 games with each other, all won convincingly by Manchester City.

13.02.2017 Bournemouth 0-2 Manchester City
17.09.2016 Manchester City 4-0 Bournemouth
02.04.2016 Bournemouth 0-4 Manchester City
17.10.2015 Manchester City 5-1 Bournemouth

I assume that Bournemouth may be able to score their first goal in the league for the new season, but the hungry goals Jesús, Stirling and Ko will not leave the southern network dry.

Forecast: Victory Manchester City with Handicap Cap (-1) @ 1.80

Our tip of Dejan Linkovski sees all the prerequisites for half of the games in the third round of the Premier League to end in a draw. The Tottenham, United and City victories seem certain.