Duplication strategy

Duplication strategy

The doubling strategy is very simple and easy to implement. Also popular as Martingale's system, it is very similar to the classic double-betting system in roulette. A very important requirement in this strategy is to find matches with odds of over 2.00. If you lose your first bet, the next bet must be made with a double bet and so until you win. If you are able to withstand the long-term strategy, you simply can not win (sooner or later). This is a 100% winning strategy on the condition that you have enough cash to keep betting even after a few losses.

How does the doubling strategy work?

1. Arsenal plays against Liverpool as a guest. The odds for Arsenal are 2.00. You are betting $ 100 for them.

  • Liverpool 1-0 Arsenal

2. Unfortunately, your bet is losing. Now you have to choose a new game and double the bet. You have a ratio of more than 2.00 for a "2" in the Serie A match between Atalanta and Juventus. You are betting 200 USD for "Old Lady".

  • Atalanta 2-0 Juventus

3. Bad luck. Again a super favorite loses from a small club. It's time to double your bet again. Chelsea hosts Aston Villa in Birmingham. 2.00 rate for the Blue. 400 USD for Chelsea!

  • Aston Villa 1-4 Chelsea

You finally win! You have converted your bet from $ 400 to $ 800. You have lost $ 300 from your previous bets, but you have made $ 100 net profit!

We often see players using this strategy with large amounts. You must be aware that sometimes it will take some time for you to win. It is important to have a solid stake in the stock because the winning moment can be delayed. The loss is great if you quit. This strategy, in theory, is not a possibility of losing if you follow the instructions correctly and select suitable matches - the winnings are guaranteed. Still, you have to gamble moderately.