Draw No Bet - DNB

Draw No Bet - DNB

Draw No Bet is a type of betting system where equality is eliminated - when the match ends with a draw, the money that you entrust to that match is returned.

This system is one of the most preferred and used strategies by players around the world. In this bet the main positive feature is that as players you have a certain type of insurance, and a satisfactory coefficient.

Example: To show you how the DNB system works we will use two randomly selected teams, in our case, Arsenal and Everton.

The standard odds for this meeting include equal chances for the victory of both teams, as well as for equality, which are presented as follows:

Victory for Arsenal - 2.60

Draw - 3.40

Victory for Everton - 2.60

For this Draw No Bet - DNB odds look like this:

Victory for Everton - 1.80

Victory for Arsenal - 1.90

In this case, if we bet £ 100 for Everton, we will win 180 leva if you win them by using the DNB system. In the event that the match ends in a draw and the winner is not awarded, the size of the bet will be refunded.

How do Draw No Bet bets be determined?

Once we have decided which team to play in this match, the next step is to determine the Draw No Bet bet - ie. what part of the amount we have to pay for eventual equality of the match. This step is necessary to recover those 100lv. with a possible equal result. For an Equality Ratio 3.4 (as in our example), the draw amount is 29.41 (100 / 3.4 = 29.41). The resulting amount must be deducted from the size of the bet.

Profit Calculation - Taken as the size of the selected stake amount deducted the amount we received as a DNB bet (100 - 29.41 = 70.59). As a team to vote for confidence, we chose Everton with odds of 2.60.

Calculation of profit: 70.59x2.6 = 183.53

Draw No Bet: 183.53 / 100 = 1.8353