Coutinho will not play against City

Coutinho will not play against City

Philippe Coutinho will not be included in the Liverpool team for a tomorrow's derby against Manchester City. Jerseys manager Jurgen Klop said this decision was made because the Brazilian did not train with the team in the three weeks before the break for national team matches.

Coutinho missed Liverpool's pursuit due to a back injury and awaiting a transfer to Barcelona that did not take place. He then went to Brazil where he trained with the national team and even participated in the qualifiers. On Wednesday he returned to England and resumed training with Merseyside, but Clap decided that the Brazilian was not ready. The Reds Manager explained that it was possible for Koutinho to play for 15-20 minutes, but after a conversation between the two they thought it was more reasonable not to take part in the match at all.

"I had to make a decision. We have 7 games in the next three weeks. There will be no training time. Before going to Brazil he could not train for about three weeks. This means we have to prepare it for the rest of the season, which is difficult with our program, "said Clap.

"This is the reason to leave him out of the group for the match against City. We can use these 4-5 days for real, serious training. We received the Brazilian Federation data on how much it trained there. Maybe it was possible to play 15-20 minutes against City, but I think this is a wise decision. By the way, he completely agreed and we had a fruitful conversation, "the German added.