Bulgaria on the quarterfinals of Eurovolley

Bulgaria on the quarterfinals of Eurovolley

Bulgarian national team volleyball players ranked 1/4-final at the European Men's Volleyball Championship in Poland after turning Finnland 3: 1 (23:25, 25:21, 25:11, 25:12) in The playoff meeting that was played at Tauron Arena in Krakow.

The students of Plamen Konstantinov "gave" the first part of "Suomi" after losing 9 kicks and logically losing it by 23:25. The Nationals fought volunteered for success in the second game with 25:21. There followed a recipe for the Bulgarian volleyball players who crushed their opponents from Finland in the third part with 25:11 and 25:12 in the fourth.

Thus, the boys of Plamen Konstantinov qualified for the 1/4-finals of Eurovlei 2017, where tomorrow they will meet the team from Serbia at 18.30.

The playoff match of the European Volleyball Championship for Men Bulgaria - Finland started quite equally.

The two teams were totally equal to 6: 6. A triple Bulgarian blockade gave an advance to our national at 7: 6. Bulgaria led with 8: 6 at the first technical break. Attack by Tsvetan Sokolov and 9: 7. The Finns equaled at 9: 9 after an attack by Tsvetan Sokolov in the antenna. The boys of Plamen Konstantinov led again at 12:11. There followed 3 consecutive points for Finland and 12:14. Plamen Konstantinov took a break for Bulgaria. There followed 3 consecutive points of Tsvetan Sokolov, who made the score 15:15. Finland led by 16:15 at the second technical break. Scandinavians pulled 3 points at 20:17 and Plamen Konstantinov took his second interruption in the game. Bulgaria reduced to 21:22 after a sharp attack by Victor Yossifov through the center. Niklas Sepanen's attack brought Finland to a gameball at 24:21. The Nationals saved two games after the blockade and attack of Tsvetan Sokolov - 23:24. Victor Yossifov's start to the net gave Finland a victory in the first half with 25:23. This was also the 9th wrong service for Bulgaria in this first part.

The second part was equivalent to 5: 5. Bulgaria led 6: 5 after a blockade of Nikolay Penchev. The Nationals led us 7: 5. Finland managed to equalize at 7: 7 after the aces of Emi Tervaporti. The Suomi distributor would be the next offensive in the off, and Bulgaria took the lead 8: 7 at the first technical break. Bulgaria drew with 10: 7 and Tuomas Samuelu interrupted for Finland. The students of Plamen Konstantinov led 5 points at 12: 7. Tuomas Samuelu's boys dropped to 10:13, but Todor Skrimov's blockade made the score 14:10. Bulgaria led with 16:12 at the second technical break. Finnish volleyball players recorded 3 consecutive points and dropped to 16:15. Bulgaria again pulled 3 points at 20:17. Ace of Nikolay Nikolov and 23:20. Tuomas Samelwoo took a break for Finland. Victor Yosifov's attack led Bulgaria to a gameball at 24:20. The Nationals won the second part with 25:21 after the attack of the reserve Rosalin Penchev.

The third part started well for Bulgaria after a single blockade and an attack by Nikolay Nikolov - 2: 1. The students of Plamen Konstantinov led 6: 2 and Tuomas Samuelu interrupted for Finland. Attack by Tsvetan Sokolov on Zone 2 and 8: 2 rights for Bulgaria at the second technical break. The difference increased to 10: 3 after a technical attack by Todor Skrimov over the opponent's double blockade. Ace of Todor Skrimov and 12: 3. Tuomas Samulvuo took his second break in the third part. A single blockade of Tsvetan Sokolov made the score 18: 7. Blok of Todor Skrimov and 23: 9 for Bulgaria. Svetoslav Gotsev led the national team to a gameball at 24:10. New attack through the center of Svetoslav Gotsev and 25:21 in Bulgaria.

A great start for our volleyball players at the beginning of the 4th part. Nikolay Penchev gave an advance of 3: 0, and a bit later the result was 6: 1. Two consecutive successful attacks by Svetoslav Gotsev and 8: 2 at the first technical interruption. The double Bulgarian blockade of Nikolay Penchev and Nikolay Nikolov - 10: 4. The ball played by Georgi Bratoev and 16: 8 for Bulgaria at the second technical break. Todor Skrimov's technical attack led the score to 18: 9. The difference grew to 10 points at 19: 9. Georgi Bratoev surprised the opponent again for 20:10. Nikolay Penchev made 22:10. The victory in the 4th part with 25:12 and in the match with 3: 1 game brought the reserve Velizar Chernokozhev.

Tsvetan Sokolov became the most successful for Bulgaria's success with 21 points (1 ac, 67% effectiveness in attack). Nikolay Nikolov (2 aces, 3 units, 59% efficiency in attack) and Todor Skrimov (3 aces, 46% efficiency in attack, 13% perfect and 73% positive welcome) added 15 points.