Bulgaria has achieved a historic victory over Sweden

Bulgaria has achieved a historic victory over Sweden

The team of Bulgaria achieved a historic victory over its biggest nightmare in the last 25 years - Sweden. The Lions struck three scrapes over the Scandinavians in World Cup qualification for World Cup 2018 in Russia, winning 3: 2, recording one of the sweetest triumphs for this century.

Among other things, it was also the first one over this rival for nearly 50 years. For the last time it happened in November 1967 (3: 0), again in Sofia, but in European qualification.

It is a pity, however, that only 11,000 spectators attended the "Vasil Levski" stadium in this extremely dramatic clash. Stanislav Manolev (12), Georgi Kostadinov (33) and Ivaylo Chochev (79) were correct for the natives and the debut player Plamen Iliev saved a penalty in the 16th minute. For Tre Crunnur, the hits in the first part were the work of Lustig (29) and Berg (44), who twice restored equality.

The lion coach Petar Hubchev was kicked out in 18th minute by Referee Paolo Talyavento after he storms a protest against a decision by the Italian.

The Bulgarian specialist staked on 4-3-2-1, Plamen Iliev stood under the door frame and Bozidar Chorbadzhiyski and Vassil Bozhikov acted as central defenders. The left back is Peter Zanev, and on the right - Strahil Popov.

In front of them, the trio of defensive midfielders were Simeon Slavchev, Georgi Kostadinov and Ivailo Chochev. Georgi Milanov acts on the left wing and on the right - Stanislav Manolev. At the top of the attack was the captain in this match Ivelin Popov.

Already in the 6th minute Chochev missed the advance of the "lions". Halfft received the ball behind the defense, but failed to take the ball well, as goalkeeper Olsen came out and knocked in the corner.

The good game of Bulgaria continued and the game was not over. Stanislav Manolev was right in the 12th minute. He scored his five goals with the national jersey after finding a perfect centering of Georgi Milanov. The CSKA Moscow player was well out of Popov. The goal was the first for Bulgaria in the door of Sweden on September 8, 1993, when again in world qualification, and again at "Vasil Levski", Hristo Stoichkov scored from the penalty for the final 1: 1. Then Tre Crunner recorded seven consecutive wins against us with a 20: 0 goal difference, becoming the biggest lion's nightmare in the last quarter of a century.

In the 16th minute Plamen Iliev was great. He saved a penalty for Forsberg, which was ruled on Kostadinov's violation, even though Bulgarian players challenged that decision. The guard was brilliant, and in addition, when he struck Augustinus. Seconds later, Peter Hubchev was expelled by Paolo Travianeto for questioning his decision.

In the 29th minute Lustig equalized with a corner after cornering. The defender was left uncovered in the center of defense, sending the ball into Iliev's net without a problem.

Former Levski midfielder Georgi Kostadinov returned Bulgaria's lead in the 33rd minute. He also scored his head, spotting a foul of Ivelin Popov's foul. The attack was second for Maccabi Haifa's player, who was right in Belarus in defeat by 1: 2.

Captain Popov was close to a third goal. The Spartak player (Moscow) fired to the left, firing strongly, but Olsen slaughtered. This happened in the 40th minute. Four minutes later Berg leveled his head. The attacker headed to the center of Lutting on the right, and the "tricolor" defense again left the player in yellow without any problem pointing the ball into the goal.

The second half began with a more active play for the Scandinavians who could reach a complete twist within two minutes, but Iliev was at the top. The guard first knocked Forsberg out of the corner of the penalty area in the corner. This happened in the 56th minute, and in the 59th minute the goalkeeper boxed a new shot at Forsberg 11m.

Todor Nedelev replaced Milanov. The Botev player was close to his head, but defender defeated him in the center of the great game played Manolev. There was a new rescue of Iliev after a blow from afar.

Manchester United defender Lindelof defeated Zanev's nice center on the left side of one of Bulgaria's sharp counterattacks.

The young Bozhidar Kraev changed Manolev, who received earned applause from the audience in the stands. With his first touch, the former Levski's player centered on Popov, who was waiting to be scrapped, but a defender defeated him.

Three minutes later in the 79th minute the Bulgarian fans again erupted. Popov walked through the center frontly against Olsen's door, then the top ten found Chochev, who scored a 20-meter lead for 3: 2 with his second goal for the country's representative team.

From this moment until the end of the game, the audience did not stop, feeling that much-hoped success. Ivaylo Dimitrov made his debut for Bulgaria as the Bulgarian national team failed to score a fourth goal. The defender and Plamen Iliev were at the top, and Chorbadjiyyyyi hit his head in a corner. The last minute a second ball appeared on the pitch, there was a delay on the part of the natives, but this is the most normal after a long and painful wait.

After a lot of fighting and resilience against the Swedes, who were seven times hard on us, we dreamed of a goal, and now we scored three, and then we beat them. Bravo to the boys of Petar Hubchev, who have already 12 points after the victories in Sofia over Luxembourg (4: 3), Belarus (1: 0), Netherlands (2: 0) and Sweden (3: 2) The Scandinavians, and also four of the new leader in the group France.