Bookmaker Bonuses

Bookmaker Bonuses

To make it more attractive and more attractive, each bookmaker gives you different bonuses. For them the most important are you bettors, so they try to put you in your team, ie. To gamble with them. In addition to competing with odds and market types, bookmakers compete with the types of bonuses they offer. In this article you will learn all the important aspects that interest you on bonuses.

What are bonuses?

Normally, the bonus is the amount the bookmaker gives you to bet with. This amount always has a maximum value, and you can not download it as soon as you receive it. You must first roll (to bet) a certain total value. Bonuses can also be in the form of a free bet, ie. Under certain conditions, the bookmaker gives you the right to bet a certain amount on an event and if your forecast is correct - you earn a real amount. The bonus can also be in the form of higher odds. The bookmaker selects an event and, under certain conditions, gives you the right to bet on exits of the match with very high odds, usually at times.

What to look for when choosing a bonus?

The most important thing when choosing a bonus is to be familiar with the rules for using it. Each type of bonus has certain conditions you have to complete before you get it and bet with it. One of the best known bonuses you can get is when you register for the bookmaker. In this case, you are usually given a starting bonus of $ 100, or another amount depending on the bookmaker. With this kind of bonus, however, you are not sure you will always get $ 100 from the bookmaker. It is a bonus of up to $ 100, depending on the amount of your first deposit. If after your registration your first deposit is 50 leva, you will receive only $ 50 bonus. To get the maximum bonus of $ 100, you'll need to deposit a minimum amount of $ 100 or more.

But it does not end here. Be careful about the requirements for getting the bonus. You may need to enter a code, contact the bookmaker, or simply add the bonus automatically to your account. Things depend on the type of policy that leads the leading bookmakers. There is something that does not depend on this, because with all bookmakers it is the same, so far. And it is the condition of absorbing the bonus. This is perhaps the most important thing to remember.

When you receive a form of bonus, you can not withdraw the amount immediately. There is one condition for scrolling the bonus that needs to be fulfilled. What does bonus scrolling mean? This is a set amount that you have to make before you can download.


If you receive a $ 40 initial bonus deposit, which means you have also deposited $ 40, the total amount in your account will be $ 80. To be able to withdraw funds from your account, you need to disburse 3 times that amount, ie . To place bets totaling 3 x 80 = 240 lv.

Rolloving the bonus is his main rule!

Another important condition that you need to watch out for is the term of the bonus. Normally, you have between 7 and 30 days to redeem the bonus. Otherwise, the bookmaker is likely to take it away. One more thing when you want to roll the bonus, you have to place your bets at a certain odds.

Typically, your bets must be on odds greater than 1.50 to count towards the total amount of scrolling. Remember also that with many bookmakers, Asian Handicap bets, lines, even / odd bets, any sport, any odds, will not be considered as the total amount of bonus rolls!

It is not necessary for every bonus to be scrolled 3 times. There are bonuses that require 1 or 2 scrolls, but it depends on the bookmaker. These are the basic terms and conditions for the use of a bonus. Always before requesting your bonus, check to see if there are any new conditions that may surprise you at some point.

What is the difference between a promotion, a bonus code and a bid?

All three types are bonuses, but different in shape and have some differences.

1. Promotion.

These are suggestions for free adding an amount or bets your bookmakers offer at a new registration or already existing. These are usually the conditions for scrolling the bonus.


  • You get money in the form of cash add-ons to gamble;
  • Usually the original promotion has the highest value the bookmaker offers.


  • The scrolling of funds can sometimes be a long process;
  • You can not withdraw funds from your account while the current promotion is running.

2. Bonus Code

Is a code by the introduction of which the bookmaker gives you a free bet or bonus of the bet type on an event with higher odds. Here again apply certain rules for absorption of the bonus. For a free bet, for example, the bookmaker gives you a certain amount to bet and if your forecast is successful, you only get the net winnings from the bet. 

For example, if you get a free bet of $ 10 and bet it at 2 odds, the total winnings are $ 20. The bookmaker, however, only pays you the net winnings. In this case BGN 10

Typically, the bonus codes are entered at the specified place in your datasheet.


  • You have the opportunity to earn real money without risking yours


  • Free bets are of low value and do not offer high bets;
  • There is a high probability that the bookmaker will limit your bet selection only to matches and market types he has defined.

3. Offer 

These are all the offers you usually get after you have registered with the bookmaker.

For example, a bookmaker can send you an offer to offer you a certain deposit bonus or to offer you a live bet offer at a certain event. 

Typically, bookies use big matches to offer you a similar live bid. Your offer is sent by e-mail or you can see it on the bookmaker site. For a live offer, for example, you have the option, if you make a bet for a certain event before it starts, to get a free live bet bonus during the match. In this way, you can make sure and make sure you always make a profit by making the two bets. Of course, these conditions are subject to certain conditions and limits up to a certain amount.


  • You get the money you can bet and earn through them;
  • With a live offer, you have the ability to secure your bets and always be profitable.


  • The bonus is limited to a certain amount;
  • The live offer is limited to events and markets defined by the bookmaker.
  • How do we determine which promotion or bonus is right for us?

Once you are familiar with the types of bonuses and conditions, you can decide whether to take advantage of a bonus or not. Generally, the bonus still allows you to win through free bets or other bids, but ultimately they are not required. However, as you already know, many of the bonuses require you to scroll them several times to be able to withdraw from your account. Determining whether a bonus is right for you depends entirely on yourself, because if, for example, you want to withdraw You will not claim certain bonuses that will prevent you from withdrawing for a certain amount of time. Everything is reduced to your wishes.

Bonuses for players from smartphones or tablets

For some bookies, you may encounter a mobile bets bonus that requires the relevant rules and conditions to be met. Whether you're a new customer or an existing one, you'll get a bonus when you make your first bet on a smartphone or tablet. Normally, once you have made a similar bet, the bookmaker will send you a Bid Code that you will receive on your e-mail with which you have registered. This code must be entered within 7 to 30 days after receipt (depending on the different bookmakers). After that, you will receive as a bonus a certain amount equal to the amount with which you made the first bet on the mobile device. 

Typically, the maximum amounts as mobile player add-ons are up to $ 50. To be able to withdraw from your account, you must bet 3 times the total value of your first bet + the bonus you earned. Bets must be made again through a smartphone or tablet. Typically, the deadline for fulfilling this condition is 90 days after you enter the offer code. This bonus also has limitations, such as a minimum odds of 1.50 and such that bets on Asian Handicap and lines are not considered the amount of scroll.