Barcelona on the wave crest

Barcelona on the wave crest

Barcelona continues with its victory in the Spanish Championship after winning the Catalonian Derby in a more categorical way. "Blaugranas" broke with 5: 0 Espanyol at Camp Nou in the third round of La Liga. Barcelona's great star, Lionel Messi, has won a hat-trick, and Gerard Pique and Luis Suarez have added one shot. Official debut for Barcelona made the new addition to Ernesto Valverde - Usman Dembele, who also recorded his first assistant.

From the stands of Camp Nou several times during the match, there were chants that called on Jose Maria Barthomeu to resign.

Barcelona took the lead 26 minutes into the match when Ivan Rakichic scored an excellent exit pass to Lionel Messi, but he was in an ambush position when he received the ball. Such was not marked by the side referee, allowing the Argentine to control the ball in Espanyol's penalty area, to fend a defender of the guests and with a pointed blow to send the ball to the upper right corner of the door of Pau Lopez.

Barcelona scored an excellent attack in the 31st minute when Messi and Rakitic made a double shot, then the Croatian shot but Pau Lopez managed to save. The ball hit Messi, who shot, but his shot was blocked.

Barcelona increased its lead in the 35th minute. After a triple ricochet, the ball fell into Jordi Alba, who dropped to Lionel Messi. The Argentine managed to catch the ball and put it in the door of Pau Lopez.

Barcelona continued to dominate and in the 37th minute after cornering from the corner of the Espanyol penalty area, Ivan Rakitic headed but Paw Lopez saved.

Luis Suarez received a nice free kick after 39 minutes, but the shot went just wide.

Espanyol could reduce his back in 43 minutes when Pablo Piatas opened an excellent opportunity in Barcelona's penalty area, but after his strike, the ball stopped in the left pillar of Mark-Andre Ter Stegen's door.

Pau Lopez made an impressive salvation with a shot after 49 minutes, but Luis Suarez's shot hit the crossbar.

Jordi Alba made a very crude mistake in the 51st minute, allowing Pablo Piaty to be in excellent position, but he fired in the wrong way.

Barcelona played a very good attack in the 53rd minute when Gerard Deullofeu handed to Lionel Messi who shot but left the left pillar of the door of Pau Lopez.

Two minutes later, Lionel Messi handed over to Louis Suarez, who fired, but crossed the crossbar.

Espanyol missed a very promising opportunity to return the intrigue to the game in the 61st minute when Leo Baptista fired, but Umtiti managed to put his foot in the path of the ball and then went out into the corner.

Barcelona led 3: 0 in the 67th minute when Jordi Alba fired to Lionel Messi who only deflected the ball into Paul Lopez's door.

Usman Dembele made his official debut for Barcelona after appearing in the 68th minute game in place of Gerard Deullofeau.

Barcelona scored a fourth goal in the 87th minute when Ivan Rakitic centered from a corner in the Espanyol penalty area, where Gerard Pike knocked the ball and sent it to the door of Pau Lopez.

Barcelona scored a fifth goal in the 90th minute when, after an excellent counterattack, Umasan Dembele fired Luis Suarez, and he did not leave Lopes any chance at a precise shot.

Barcelona is still without a goal since the start of the season and has a 100% asset - 9 points. Espanyol has only 1 point.