Barcelona defeated Juventus

Barcelona defeated Juventus

Lionel Messi literally crushed Juventus for a 3-0 classic victory in favor of Barcelona in the first match of Group D of the Champions League. At Camp Nou, the Catalans managed to somehow get revenge on "The Old Lady" after last season the Italian Grand Prix was eliminated with a 3-0 victory in Turin and a zero draw in Barcelona. Host coach Ernesto Valverde put into play the new multi-million-dollar addition of Usman Dembele from the first minute, but with the exception of a few good inclusions, the footballer failed to shine and remained in the shadow of the ubiquitous messiah who in this fight totally mistaken "black and white" . On the other hand, Massimiliano Alligi, the coach of the bikonkers, was the hard task of managing the Catalonian rebus without the players Giorgio Chieleni, Mario Manjukic, Sami Kedera, Claudio Marquisio and Benedict Hovedes. Despite the strong start of the Juve match and the more serious stances at Ter Sergen's door, "The Old Lady" failed to make a hit and allowed one at the very end of the first half. The Catalan grand star opened the 45th minute lead in the game, piercing the door of legendary Italian guard Gianluigi Buffon for the first time in his career. Ivan Rakitic doubled in the 56th minute of the game after a great solo performance again by the Argentinean. In the 69th again, Messi's great jerk of the Buffon's final 3: 0 net.

As early as the 5th minute, Matthias De Shillio tried to surprise Mark-Andre Terter Stegen with a powerful kick from a distance. The Catalan guard, however, demonstrated a great reflex and saved. Only four later in the biakoner counter-attack, Dibala made a good sprint, overcame Nelson Semedo and fired, but right in the hands of Ter Stegen.

The German goalkeeper had to intervene decisively again in the 12th minute of the meeting after Pjanic made a treacherous blow on the grass. At the first moment, Ter Stegen could not catch the ball, heading for the bottom left corner of his door, but in the second attempt he did not make a mistake.

At the 18th minute, he was also the first major opportunity to find out for the Catalonians. Andres Iniesta, with a great dribble, bound several of Juve's footballers to the border of the penalty area. In the end, however, he was fouled by Blaze Matthew, and Judge Damir Skomina did not hesitate to judge a foul. Lionel Messi fired the free kick, but the ball met the wall. After the ricochet, the ball came to Suarez, who managed to steer it well under the crossbar, but Buffon scored a fantastic interference, maintaining a zero draw.

In the 24th, there was an incredible opportunity for the young bikoner Rodrigo Bentankour. The 20-year-old midfielder got into a good field and managed to get a great pass on Douglas Costa. Bentankour kicked but his shot was greatly blocked by Jordi Alba, who managed to intervene at the last minute and clear in the corner.

In the following minutes the game broke, but in 38th De Shilio could make an incredible gift to Barcelona. The 24-year-old footballer is wrong on his pass to Alex Sandro on the border of his own penalty area. The ball fell into Uman Dembele and he entered the penalty area where he tried the shot, but at the last moment Sandro intervened with a clean sword to clear the corner.

In the 43rd minute defense of Barcelona again gave way and Bles Matthewdy managed to reach a tied ball on the border of the penalty area. The Frenchman shoots, but the ball rises to a Catalonian player and comes in a corner shot.

The culmination of the first part came literally at the last minute of regular time. Catalonian star Lionel Messi demonstrated his class and scored in the "bianconer" door, putting his team ahead in the score. After a double duel with Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan handed the ball to a silver platter on the edge of the penalty area. The Argentine, on his part, with a precise shot through the legs of Mehdi Benatiya sent the ball in the right corner of Buffon for his first goal against the legendary goalkeeper.

Already at the beginning of the second part, the "bianconers" could quickly return equality. With 48 minutes played, Paulo Diballa's well-worked off shot sent the ball in the net.

Just three minutes later, Jordi Alba delivered a perfect pass to Lionel Messi on the border of the penalty area. The Argentine fired a powerful bullet to Buffon's door in about 20 meters, but the ball met the left pillar.

Barcelona's attacks continued and this was expected to lead to a new goal in Buffon's door. Bentankour was wrong in the defense and gave the ball to Messi, who only waited. The Argentine quickly advanced to the right and entered the penalty area where he tried the pass to the left-over Suarez. The stroke was defeated by Stefano Sturoro, but Ivan Rakitic managed to get to it and realized for 2: 0.

Again tireless Messi managed to get Juve fans to shiver in the 62nd minute. The Argentine shoots from a direct free kick, sending the ball to the left corner but Buffon plunges and rescues.

The pressure of the hosts again yielded a score and for the third time the ball pierced the door of the "bianconers" in the 69th minute of the match. Catalan captain Andres Iniesta was the main culprit for the incident, the work of old acquaintance Messi, after having hand-crafted the attack in a great way. Then he slipped the ball to his teammate, who, without hesitation, scored his second goal in the match and Buffon's net.

In the 79th minute Suarez took advantage of Buffon's fault and sent the ball into his goal but the goal was canceled because of ambush.

Just two minutes later, a good opportunity to return a shot to the Catalunya network was seen before Dibala. The Argentine striker received a pass on the grass at the border of the penalty area and shot down to the bottom right corner. However, Ter Stegen with another good intervention blocked his experience.

Thus, Barcelona secured its first three points in the derby from the first day of the Champions League. In their next match on September 27, Ernesto Valverde's graduates will face the Sporting Lisbon team.

The Portuguese team was able to score 3: 2 over Olympiacos in the other D group match. It was Seiddu Dumbia's second round, Jelson Martins with 13th and Bruno Fernardes in the 43rd. Felipe Pardo returned two hits to the opponent's goal literally in the final minutes of the match (90 '; 93').