Arsenal - Bournemouth

Arsenal - Bournemouth

Arsene Wenger could not dream of a more comfortable rival in one of his toughest moments in his career. Dean Linkovski's analysis.

Half an hour after the end of the super derby between Manchester City and Liverpool will start the basic set of duels on Saturday. One of them will meet two teams in different types of crises. In fact, in Bournemouth no one talks about a crisis. The three consecutive losses are worrying from the point of view of the ambitions to advance, but the club generally has a positive atmosphere. None of this can be said about Arsenal. The two consecutive missed goals without a goal and mostly the toothless game of the core football players made everyone talk about Arsenal as a dead man. Now, however, after the end of the transfer drama and ultimately because of the class in the team, we have to stop with the feast and look at things real. The club has professionals whose main task is to win matches. The mantra that Arsenal's defense is in a desperate state can also be reversed-we forgot the potential of the new addition to the Kolazzin or that Koschelli has not allowed a goal from the Netherlands last week .. Remember who is at the door!

The statistical analysis of the fight poses many problems for Bournemouth. Clear games are not ready to meet the high requirements of the balls. That 3: 3 last season can be read as an exception, and let's not forget who will be the host on Saturday. The algorithmic prognosis that comes out of our software is slightly overwhelmed, and there's hardly any tipper that will predict an accurate 7: 0 score, but housekeeping is definitely on the agenda.

Arsenal has won its last 6 home games. In 7 of the last 8 households the balls scored at least 2 goals, and against Bournemouth this happened in each of the last 4 games. Bournemouth, on the other hand, has lost all three games since the start of the season, with two of them missing a goal.

An additional stimulus in Arsenal's game will be the return of Belerin on the right flank, and the interesting thing about this is how Kolacinak will show off on the left.

Prediction: Victory Arsenal with Handicap Cap (-2) @ 3.05