5 out of 5 for Barca, Messi shines at the defeat of Abar

5 out of 5 for Barca, Messi shines at the defeat of Abar

The Barcelona team continued its winning campaign from the start of the season. Ernesto Valverde's boys scored fifth success after defeating Eibar in the 5th round of La Liga. The big star "blagranas" Lionel Messi scored 4 goals for success, and Denis Suarez and Paulinho scored once.

In the standings, Camp Nou is the leader with 15 points and Aubar is 13th with 6.

The first more interesting situation in the game was in favor of Aibar. Sergio Enrique reached a skillful pass and came out alone against Mark André ter Stegen. But the Catalan guard was extremely alert and reflected.

In the 20th minute the hosts were allowed to execute a penalty. Semedo broke into the penalty area of ​​Aubar, and Alejandro Galves started to block him. There was a contact between the two, and the right back in Ernesto Valverde's composition lost his balance and fell. The Referee judged that he had reason to point to the white point and the 11-meter penalty kick was made by Lionel Messi. The big star of the team coolly made 1: 0. 18 minutes later, the home side's lead was doubled. Denis Suarez is centering from corner and Paulinho headed for 2: 0. This was Brazil's second shot with the blagranas team.

Barca's criminal action continued in the second part. In the 53rd minute, Messi shoots from the border the penalty area after a great individual break. The Argentine technician turned his shot to the right corner of the door, but Marko Dmitrovich slaughtered. The ball hit Dennis Suarez, who formed the classic 3: 0.

Guests reduced to Camp Nou in the 57th minute. Sergio Enrique, without thinking about the motion, and Ter Stegen had nothing to do after the ball had flown in its lower left corner.

The Catalan recitation, however, continued, and Messi stood out with a new shot. In the 59th minute, Sergio Buscques handed over to the five-time Golden Ball winner, and he took control precisely and entered the speed of the pennant to make 4: 1.

Messi formed his hat-trick in the 62nd minute. The attacker was well pulled by Paulinho on the right and managed to score 5: 1.

In the 71st minute Luca Din was in excellent position against Marko Dmitrovic. But the guard of Aubar was careful, and the striker's shot was an easy prey for him.

The final score was formed in the 87th minute. Messi got a great shot from Aleis Vidal and scored 6: 1.

In the next round, Barcelona hosts Girona, and Aubar meets Celta Vigo.